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Welcome to MapSys Online!

Welcome to MapSys - the Philippines’ first real, fully automated parcellary mapping system online.

MapSys creates information-packed, visually-appealing Parcel Vicinity Maps that show YOUR parcel's geo-referenced location and configuration, its geophysical attributes, and the geographic and spatial features of its vicinity or locality.

MapSys serves you your parcel map in just about a minute.

The generated parcel maps will enable you to accurately locate the parcel on the ground, just by using a compass and your car’s odometer (or a GPS equipment if you will). It will also show you if your source document – i.e. title or survey plan – is erroneous or defective in its description of the parcel.

Accurate, comprehensive, reliable geographic information at your fingertips. At one glance. As you want it. When you want it.

Why would you need a MapSys parcel map?

If you intend to buy or invest in land, you will certainly want to know, among others, if that land parcel exists on the ground in the first place, or if it is located in Ilocos instead of Calamba as the title says, or if it is floating at sea.

You would also want to know, for instance, how far the parcel is from the nearest road or water body, whether it is classified as agricultural or commercial, whether it is near a major fault line, whether it is forested or grass-covered, how much its value would be to you, or whether it is alienable in the first place.

All these information and a lot more, you get from the MapSys parcel map.

If you are selling the land, all the information contained in the very attractive MapSys parcel map will help you get the price you want.

Click Here to know more about why each and every information provided in MapSys parcel maps is valuable to one who deals in land.

If all you need is a simple Lot Plan to be submitted when you apply for a building permit or some other regulatory requirement, MapSys provides that too.

How is MapSys able to provide all these info in a single map?

MapSys is the web component of the CREBALAND Geographic Information System (GIS), whose digital GeoDatabase is perhaps the most comprehensive in terms of its nationwide coverage.

The CREBALAND GeoDB contains the digitized geographic coordinates of the country's official location monuments nationwide, commonly known as tie points. This enables MapSys to plot and map the location, configuration and boundaries of any land parcel located anywhere in the Philippines with the relative accuracy.

It also contains fully digitized topographic maps, up-to-date road maps, hydrologic maps, land cover maps, local land use maps, Department of Agriculture zoning maps, and a host of other valuable geographic-based information, processed by CREBALAND from raw data obtained from government agencies and other reliable sources.

In delivering to you the parcel maps, MapSys leverages the power of ArcGIS Server© - the world's leading GIS server software the reliability of high-end IBM© servers and, most importantly, the skills of CREBALAND’s geodetic engineers and GIS specialists and the experience and expertise of the real estate industry leaders at CREBALAND’s helm.

ArcGIS is a trademark of Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

What can you do here in MapSys?

As a registered user, you can:


  • Create accurate Lot Plans and Vicinity Maps of any parcel in any location nationwide, online, 24/7, in real time.

    All you need to do is enter the technical description of the parcel you want mapped, using any document containing the necessary information, such as a title certificate or a survey plan.

    Entering parcel data using our electronic wizards is a breeze. Our development team worked very hard make it very easy for you. And we provide you with visual guides at every step. After you have completed the wizard steps, the system will immediately display the link by which you may download your completed parcel map.

  • If you are a firm or institution with regular mapping needs, you may apply for subscriber access.

    As subscriber, any number of your staff anywhere can have simultaneous, 24/7 online access to the more advanced visualization functionalities of MapSys.

    With this, you can view your mapped parcel inventories in any given town.

    We also provide you with your own Map Cabinet and, more importantly, a storage for the digital data of your parcels, to facilitate your parcel searches, database queries and visualization tasks.

How do you register for access?

When you click the "Order Map" tab on the menu, an electronic registration form will be displayed. Once you have submitted your information, our system will immediately send you a confirmation email.

Registration and confirmation by email should take only seconds. Once you have confirmed your registration, you may immediately log in and proceed to order your map. Registration is free.

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